Saturday, April 7, 2012

Check Your Heart @ the Door

I've been told by females that they have secrets that they would take to the grave. That telling their boyfriend or significant other of their affairs would do more harm than good.When engaging in an affair with a female, one has to understand that feelings can only take you so far and to be cautious not to become attached and think that there is potential for a fairytale ending. The ending is more like a Shakespeare play. Females are still a mystery to me. They are very sensitive and emotional, yet they have a side to them that is vindictive and sometimes down right evil (cutting of dicks is not cool). Even with this said, I don't subscribe to the belief that females are hoes, sluts or whores. I just attribute certain behaviors to the fact that some females just want to have fun or get someone back. I've been on the receiving end of the wrath of an angry female and the feeling does not make me want to do back flips when I think about it.Getting told by another dude that he "had" your girl will make you either want to kill someone or kill yourself.  I've also had my share of females who have made me question everything around me. From females who live with their man, yet are willing to fuck me continuously and even have a threesome with another female just to have the experience. I've also had an experience with a female who had the name of her boyfriend tattooed on her thigh and asked me if I would have a problem continuing a relationship with her. Ummmm yeah!!!! As much as I've seen I understand that it takes two to make Tango or whatever dance you can think of. I know that I need to have a higher sense of self and not engage in these pointless relationships with females knowing that they all have a breaking point especially when I'm hurting those that really care for me. But doing this is hard, as a man I just have a want to see different varieties of cooch, I don't know what it is but its there. I've lost out on many positive relationships with females all because I was trying to be the man and smashing without any consideration of their feelings. So I think that is why I've decided to write this post. I'm becoming tired of the bullshit, the cougars,  and the jaded girlfriends. I'm looking for something deeper, getting told that I'm selfish by multiple females is not exactly chicken soup for my soul. I've been told that I'm crazy for wanting to have two girlfriends and that this idea would never work. I watched Sister Wives a few times, but I didn't get too much inspiration because its pointless to have four wives who average a 6.9 in looks. So I guess the way it goes is like this; have a beautiful wife that you say "I love you" to everyday and a mistress or two that is content with playing her position irregardless if she has a boyfriend or significant other of her own. Have continuous passionate sex with the mistress until you get tired or get caught , chill out for a while and then plan how you are going to do it again. And believe me you can always find a dancing partner just be careful not to lose out on your life partner in the process.

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