Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Shot Ya?

Will we ever find out who killed 2PAC and Biggie Smalls? I ask this question often as I get older. It's been 15 years since both rappers were killed in the midst of a media hyped East coast vs West coast rap beef. 2Pac was 25 and Biggie was 24 at the time of their deaths, yet the impact of their passing was felt by people across different generations and backgrounds. Everyday that goes by without an answer to this question leaves me to think that their untimely death is losing its importance to rap culture and ultimately the killer or killers won't be found. There are kids now who are so wrapped up in the new age of hip hop that 2PAC and Biggie are as appealing as studying for a final. And finding who actually killed them a non issue. I was only ten when both icons had their lives cut short, but I've spent countless hours since then learning as much as I could about what happened leading up to their deaths and the numerous conspiracy theories about the causes. I've watched the beat down of Orlando Anderson in the MGM Grand lobby. I've heard the allegation that Biggie ordered the hit on 2PAC and himself got hit when he was unable to make the payment. I've heard the allegation that the FBI further instigated the beef between 2PAC and Biggie because their influence on black America was growing too fast. Don't forget Tupac's mother was a black panther, and inciting tensions between warring parties was part of the COINTELPRO program during the sixties. In addition, the Biggie and Tupac documentary by Nick Broomfield, explains that the FBI was tailing biggie days before he was murdered. And they know nothing about who might be involved....righhhhtttt.Conspiracy theories or not, the fact that not one of these murders has been solved for this long is displeasing and leaves a void that needs to be filled; if not for the younger generation at least for those of us who remember the 90's like it was yesterday. When the FBI files were released on each case, the facts in the Biggie murder spoke for themselves. A good portion of these files were heavily redacted, which to me means that some of the witnesses were possible government informants, but that's another issue. The 2PAC files were mainly a collection of articles on his life and no overwhelming evidence as to who a killer is. I do believe that the LAPD played a role in killing Biggie, its easier to make that a cold case than to actually put a major black eye on your department (just my thoughts). As for the 2PAC murder I honestly can't come up with a logical explanation other than Orlando Anderson retaliating to the public beating in Las Vegas. For the fans of rap music who were alive during this time, what would an arrest in either case mean. Would it even be significant in todays hip hop world? Only time will tell, however, time has passed and nobody has found anything of value so why should we expect anything different. Maybe before the twentieth anniversary this mystery will be solved and the dark cloud over hip hop will be no more.

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