Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ohhh baby I like it raw

I've thought long and hard (no pun intended) about writing this post and whether it's relevant topic. It didn't take long for me to reach a decision. Raw sex, raw doggin', sex without a rubber or whatever name you want to call it, has been around since the beginning of time. I mean seriously what do you think they did before condoms were invented. Today, condom use continues to be an issue of whether or not to use them. Sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy are the main reasons to use condoms, however, people continue to go raw. So this leads me to ask the question, why do people go raw? One scenario that I think happens a lot is the "run out". That's when you only buy one box of condoms, not thinking about the potential mishaps that may happen along the way. Things such as opening the condom too early, condoms that are not put on right or condoms that dry up too quick. You may get one good round in with a box of three, but when you want to get it started again you've..."run out". Another scenario is one that I call " I choose to, cause I'm use to". This is when you and the person that you have been involved with, develop a cavalier attitude towards using condoms. Initially a condom might be used for the first few rounds, but after a break in the action you lay next to each other acting oblivious to the fact that you are both naked. Then somehow, after "unconsciously" positioning your bodies in the right spot, penetration magically happens and both parties go along with it. After this encounter, both people decide that using a condom is not necessary because the line has already been crossed. What's the worse that can happen?....I'll leave that up to you readers to answer. Lastly, some people just don't want to use condoms, plain as that. They feel that condoms take away from the feeling of sex, or that condoms are an interruption to the flow of sex. So they opt to go bareback.
Here's my take on the situation; condoms are necessary in today's society where not everyone is going to tell their STD status or take the morning after pill after an "accident". However, I do believe that more conversation needs to occur between people about going to the clinic to get tested before they have sex raw. Possibly on the second or third date (date can mean sex), adults should discuss the possibility of getting tested together. Now there is a chance that one person or both might find out that they have a std but we all got to make sacafices right!! I believe that the possibilities for threesomes would increase tremendously, if men for the most part would advocate for testing and still acknowledge their need to be a player (Just my thoughts, you can comment if you want). People like the security of knowing their sexual romps aren't a death sentence.
The possibilities of having a child is the other side of having unprotected sex. Some dudes might opt for the pull out method, but accidents do happen and some females don't believe in abortions, morning after pills or any other forms of contraception. So a guy has to know beforehand who he's dealing with if he decides to go raw, not only for disease reasons, but this could potentially be the mother of his child. For a female she has to know the kind of guy she is dealing with as well. I'm sure you've seen the story of the man from Tennessee who has 30 kids and trouble paying child support. You think!!!
I know that a majority of males and females will openly say YOLO and that using condoms take away the "feeling", however, if your not lucky you will get another feeling that is not so pleasant. There are lubricants and condoms designed to make the feeling of sex more enjoyable for both, but if you still feel the need to go raw do it right. Whether its a friend with benefits, a girlfriend/ boyfriend, or some other type of sex partner, make sure that the status of everyone is known. In addition, make sure you know where you stand on having a child because your career dream will get pushed back for changing diapers and sleepless nights. Be open and honest about your sexual needs and you might get a pleasant surprise; be close minded and deceitful and who knows what you are in for.

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