Saturday, September 8, 2012

Molly Takeover

Throughout 2012, there has been a reoccuring word in the rap/hip hop music that I listen to. The word is not "nigga" or "bitch", "gats" nor "swag" but a simple word called "Molly". When I first heard this term in songs, I overlooked it and made no connections to drug use. Later, after listening to songs again and hearing new songs mentioning that simple name, I started to pay attention to this new lyrical fad in music. My mind shifted into research mode as if I was writing a paper for class. It turns out that molly is the pure forrm of MDMA, the same chemical that is in the popular club drug Extacy. This pure drug which comes in powder and pill form has been around for over 20 years even though to some hip hop heads and youth may think that its new.

So why has this drug reemerged and found itself a new home in hip hop and across urban neighborhoods in America. In my opinion, this is part of a larger problem or phenomenon of drug use in America and how some people feel that using a drug that was mentioned in a song will suddenly make them popular, cool, or turned up. Prior, to the over saturation of Molly in hip hop music, the drug or drugs of choice that I remember being mentioned several times was of the prescription kind, like Xanax, Percocet and Oxycontin. Shouting out ones love for drugs obtained by legal drug dealers (doctors) is stupid, especially in the hip hop world where some of the most devoted fans are in urban communities where they have enough struggles with drugs like crack, heroin, alcohol. These young fans are impressionable and have a hard time listening to advice that in the long run will be beneficial to them. So when they hear their favorite rapper talking about how a Molly will aid in getting a female butt naked its hard to combat that with a statement like "You should be real concerned about the level of unemployment in your neighborhood" or "What should be done about poverty and disparities in the educational system". What strikes me as unique is the fact that MDMA was something that was found in suburban areas and at raves where I'm sure not too many minority folks would be rolling deep too, but now the use of this drug is something alluring to those same folks. I don't want to sound like a parent or a "your brain on drugs" commercial but, I feel that certain questionable trends, especially ones that are spearheaded by celebrities and involve illicit substances, should be reexamined and heavily scrutinized because the average person may not have the resources to bounce back if the latest trend triggers a personal downfall. Being that Molly in most cases consists of pure powder, users don't really know what they are putting in their body. Anything can be used to cut Mollies to gain profit, from cocaine to baby powder, just some food for thought.

 I'm over hearing people talk about Molly this and Molly that, especially those who don't have much going on for themselves, but heard about the seductiveness of this lady on a few mixtapes. Oh yeah, I'm tired of YOLO too, I just felt like I had to throw that in this post. But to each their own, I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. If I was I would have way more posts on my blog and way more readers, but a little thing called procrastination rears its ugly head in my life on occasion. I'll expand on that another time, as for now I'm going to another lady whose name begins with an M and isn't man made, well not always!!!

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