Saturday, October 6, 2012

Maxed Out

I've been meaning to write this blog for the longest but that annoying little thing called procrastination crept up and held me hostage. Nevertheless, I still want to share my opinion on this because I'm an opinionated dude and I'm on a mission to finish what I start. Rapper Max B had his appeal denied at the end of August, meaning that he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison. He received a 75 year sentence for his role in a 2006 robbery. Between 1997-2005, Max was incarcerated on robbery charges.  A few years back Max B was tearing up the underground ago rap scene with his unique rap style, use of the term "wavey" and his burgeoning beef with Dipset member Jim Jones. Now he and his fans only have memories and songs to keep the wave going. Many of these fans, myself included, were holding on to the idea that the appeal would be granted and Max B would return to producing good music.
I remember not being impressed by Max B when I first heard him on songs with Jim Jones because I didn't know what he was saying. However the catchy melodies were to much to ignore and I started to seek out more music from the Boss Don as he calls himself. A large portion of his catalogue were songs with the newest artist of Bad Boy records, French Montana. This combination proved to be deadly as the duo pumped out "quality street music" to quote DJ Drama. Their two Coke Wave mistapes along with their individual efforts, showcased both artists raw talent and provided the foundation that helped French get his deal in my opinion. Their feud with Jim Jones provided them with an established artist to spar with and spar they did. In videos and songs that can be found on YouTube, Max B explicitly talks about his "special" relationship with Jim Jones fiancé and Love n Hip Hop star Chrissy. Max was relentless in his attacks on Chrissy, going as far as claiming that "she touched it" in Miami. Max B seemed to be on the verge of rap stardom but the murder case involving several characters in a New Jersey hotel room in 2006, proved to be something not even a wave can wash away. Even though he posted bail and was still touring while his case was being handled, the full weight of the law was thrown at Max B when he was found guilty of being the head conspirator in the murder of the two individuals in that hotel room. At times I think to myself how rap, especially New York rap would look if Max didn't have his legal issues or even beat the case. I'm sure Love & Hip Hop would have had different cast members. I get mad at the fact that there is no new music and there won't be for a long while. Its like when Shyne got locked up or Tupac and Biggie's posthumous albums, The Don Killuminati: The Seven Day Theory and Life After Death respectfully, ran their course. But after I spend too much time thinking about it I realize that its better to appreciate the music that he left and forget how hot of a rapper he would have been if he was free now. That man has bigger things to worry about than rapping. And I got other posts to write because greatness doesn't come without work!!!

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